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Introduction to Frosting

Getting Started

Overview of Frosting, what you can sell, how to open an account, and requirements.

4 articles

How Frosting Works

The nuts and bolts of how Frosting works for bakeries and customers.

6 articles

Community Standards & Policies

Standards to keep Frosting safe and trusted for everyone.

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for Bakeries

Getting Started for Bakeries

Get your Frosting Bakery account up and running!

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The Shop Manager

Overview of the features and layout of the Shop Manager

1 article

Products & Listings

Create products, classes, subscriptions, and more.

13 articles

Managing Orders

View and manage all of your orders in one spot

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Easily view and manage all of your customer's subscriptions.

1 article

Booking and Calendar

Get a quick overview of all your orders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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Learn how to acquire and reward customers with discounts and coupons.

2 articles

Reviews & Ratings

1 article

Shop Settings & Appearance

8 articles

Pickup, Delivery, and Shipping

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Connect your Frosting account to Stripe and manage payments

3 articles

SEO and Social Media

Manage your SEO settings and integrate your Social Media accounts

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Product Listing Examples

Step by step walk-through on how to create products for your shop.

8 articles

Tips & Tricks

Best practices for running the best Frosting shop you can.

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